• High Mast Lighting
  • Site / Security Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Underbridge Lighting
  • Tunnel Lighting


Proper roadway and sidewalk illumination levels are instrumental in reduction of vehicle and pedestrian accidents as well as necessary to promote a sense of security.  The two governing factors are the average maintained illumination level, and the uniformity ratio, or the ratio of the bright spots to the darker spots.

All illumination analyses performed by KSE staff utilize various industry standard methods and software including the Visual® software program developed by the Holophane Corporation.  KSE does not use a vendor to perform the analysis.  We perform point analysis, usually on a five foot by five foot grid showing the illumination levels in foot candles at the pavement/sidewalk level and the uniformity ratio.  This establishes the location of all the lighting fixtures and allows for the preparation of the detailed lighting plans.  For rehabilitation type projects, we provide complete design services including replacement of existing light poles, installation of additional lighting standards where required to achieve optimum site lighting conditions, and the installation of new underground conduits and cables.  Work performed includes preparation of photometric analysis of walkways and roadways.

KSE also provides design services for Tunnel Lighting System.  KSE designed the illumination system for the Route 29 Tunnel in Trenton, NJ.  The Tunnel design included preparation of contract documents for a new tunnel lighting system (the first in New Jersey) and roadway lighting systems in accordance with current standards.  Roadway lighting analysis was performed utilizing CalaPro software. Tunnel lighting analysis was prepared utilizing NJDOT specified “Tunnel-Lite” software.