• Traffic Signals & Controller Design
  • Signalized Intersection Design
  • Grade Crossing Design
  • Signage and Striping Design
  • Parking Lot Design
  • MP&T / Staging Design
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Site and Access Studies
  • Traffic Circulation Studies
  • Traffic Warrant Analysis
  • Level of Service Analysis
  • Security Bollards and Barriers
  • Value Engineering Support


Well thought out traffic engineering and transportation planning is critical to the design of any project.  Early participation from our traffic engineer results in a smoother project development process and initially identified project issues, even if the project has not yet been completely defined.  KS Engineers, P.C. (KSE) provides essential traffic and transportation engineering services to many governmental and private entities with comprehensive analyses of existing and projected traffic conditions, and design of traffic signals and intersections, and maintenance and protection of traffic during construction. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals in the Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning field, including certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE).  We provide consultation on all aspects of a project dealing with the movement of vehicles and pedestrians to, from and within the confines of a specified site or through a defined area. Our services include, but are not limited to, traffic & transportation engineering, expert testimony, roadway and parking lot design, traffic signal design, turning movements design, streetscape programs, access studies, maintenance and protection of traffic, and data collection services.

Intersection design plays an important role in the success of any development. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) has established criteria by which traffic signals may be warranted at intersections. KSE is qualified and experienced in conducting the necessary analysis to determine if an intersection meets these established criteria. Our traffic engineers have designed and produced construction plans for hundreds of traffic signal installations for both public and private entities. KSE is knowledgeable in the requirements for traffic signal construction for both state and municipal governments.

For site access studies, KSE uses aerial photographs, site plans of the development, traffic counts, and general observations of the site problems to determine ways to improve a site's accessibility. Even an addition/relocation of the site's driveway can make a tremendous difference in a development’s surrounding traffic flow. We study the lane configurations or median modifications which might be another alternative to mitigate access problems. We analyze the existing traffic volumes, geometric conditions, and future development plans to make recommendations that optimize a site's access and circulation.

By working with consulting teams of architects, developers, engineers, and attorneys KSE is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and a quality work product, and we are equally committed to remaining a leader in the field of Traffic and Transportation Engineering.